Monday, October 15, 2007

Order of Battle - The Westport campaign

Army of the Border - Major General Samuel R. Curtis
Blunt’s Division
Jennison’s Brigade
Moonlight’s Brigade
Blair’s Brigade
Ford’s Brigade

Dietzler’s Kansas State Militia
Grant’s Brigade
Sherry’s Brigade
Fishbeck’s Brigade
Scott’s Brigade (not engaged)

Department of the Missouri - Major General William S. Rosecrans
Pleasanton's Provisional Cavalry Division
Brown’s (Philip's) Brigade
McNeil’s Brigade
Sanborn’s Brigade
Winslow’s Brigade

16th Army Corps detachment - Major General A. J. Smith
First Division - Joseph J. Woods
2nd Brigade - Hubbard
3rd Brigade - Hill

Third Division - David Moore
1st Brigade - Kinny
2nd Brigade - Gilbert
3rd Brigade - Wolfe

Army of Missouri - Major General Sterling Price
Fagan's Division
Cabell's Brigade
Dobbin's Brigade
Slemon's Brigade
McCray's Brigade

Marmaduke's Division
Clark’s Brigade
Freeman's Brigade

Shelby's Division
Thompson’s “Iron Brigade”
Jackman's Brigade
Tyler's Brigade

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